what people are saying

“We would like to thank you for taking us through a very exciting journey in building our new home.    The entire Integrity team was fantastic to work with.  The personal attention we received from everyone was outstanding and made our move an easy one.  We chose to build with Integrity Construction because we were impressed by your documented streamline process and you truly listened to our needs and wishes. The craftsmanship is beyond our expectations and a professional grade.  We love our home and it is truly our dream home.”

— Steven & Theresa, Custom Home Owners

“We hired Integrity to help us completely overhaul our bathroom, extend our dining room to provide us with a relaxing space to eat, and add an office space on the side of the house. The design process provided us with excellent renderings and they suggested brilliant ideas for the dining room and office space. The new design allowed us to add an additional patio. The construction team and the contractors they hired were professional and extremely efficient. Our main issue was that we were 6 months pregnant with our 3rd child when construction began. They fully accommodated us by finding ways to minimize noise and maximize access to important areas of the house when my wife was home. They even made sure to minimize dust after the baby was born through special plastic tarps that I am sure were difficult to work around. The communication with the Superintendent was excellent and Richard was quick to answer my questions and make extra trips out to see me if I needed him to inspect anything. We are extremely happy with our updated house as it finally feels like the dream house we can retire in. I will be hiring them for all of my house projects in the future. Thanks to the entire Integrity team: Brad, Lynn, Anna, Matt, Devron, Meg, Richard, Tyson, and all the contractors!”

— Aron & Myra, Remodeled Home Owners

“Integrity worked with us to renovate our farmhouse built in 1900. There were many hurdles to overcome in renovating such an old home, but they helped us work through each one. They communicated well with us and worked hard to allow us to have as much (or little) input as we wanted. They managed the overall project and paid attention to all the little details. We are very happy with the finished product and they have stood behind their work. We would highly recommend Integrity as a contractor for a renovation or new construction.”

— Tamra, Remodeled Home Owner

“Less than 90 days ago, we were happily planning when we would paint our old house with NO plans of selling it, ever! Funny how things change and fall into place like it was meant to be! We feel like the house was built for us and wouldn’t change a single thing about it — it’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you for being so great to work with. It made the whole process much more enjoyable."

— Steven & Susan, Spec Townhome Buyers

“We asked for the world — a new house within an existing structure – and Integrity delivered! Much of the construction was done while we were 1,300 miles away. Brad, Lynn, Annette, Dylan, Scott and especially Aaron did a wonderful job of keeping us informed of any issues and prepared for every upcoming phase. The results are beautiful! Thanks, Integrity!”

— Alan & Sally, Remodeled Home Owners

“When we began looking for a builder, we were searching for someone who could take a plan that we had on a scrap of paper and turn it into a plan that could be built. We needed advice, we needed to stay on a budget, and we needed a builder with an open mind… We would highly recommend Integrity. They listen, they work well as a team, they are easy to work with, and they took pride in making sure our house was as beautiful as we had dreamed. Excellent job!”

— Dave & Sheri, Custom Home Owners

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you again how much I love the house you built for me! It’s not my habit to love things — feeling love should be reserved for people — but I do love this house! During the 6 months while it was coming together, I never encountered a single person on your team who was unpleasant or hard to work with. You can be assured that all of my friends know that I feel this way, and if it would ever help you to have me talk to a prospective client, I’d be eager to let them know how it was for me!”

— Laurie, Custom Townhome Owner

"Integrity’s staff is, without exception, incredible to work with, courteous and helpful.”

— Randy & Lynette, Spec Townhome Buyers