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The Windrose House

We put a lot of heart into what would have been the Parade of Homes house this year. But then 2020 hit and we never expected not to be able to show it. So we thought we'd give you a closer look into some of the details and the reason behind some of the design decisions.

This kitchen turned out so bright and sunlit (from the windows you'll see below). We liked the combination of upper cabinets and open shelving to give it an open feel without making a homeowner feel like they had to have everything on display.

This hood feature is a beautiful accent in this bright kitchen, but also doubles as a bookend of the home, perfectly complimenting the fireplace it faces in the living room.

One of our favorite things to do in a kitchen is a custom hidden panty, but in this house we also added a custom spice cabinet into the side of the pantry to make sure no space was wasted.

This two-story living room lets in an immense amount of light, making the space feel open and airy. The bookshelves were a nice compliment to the open shelves in the kitchen.

Next to the kitchen, the dining room is filled with an almost collage-like display of windows and an open staircase to the basement. We loved how this turned out, making the basement feel like a closer part of the home and not so basement-y.

Down the hall from the living room, we added a beautiful, obscured-glass pocket door to the laundry room that doubles as a second entrance to the master bathroom.

The master bathroom continues the open feel with high ceilings, complimented by a custom wall detail.

The master bedroom follows the bathroom's high ceilings, but the custom beam gives it a cozy touch.

We really took advantage of every nook & cranny in this house with some between-the-studs built-in shelves in the guest bedroom and guest bathroom.

With a good majority of people owning robot vacuums these days, another detail we wanted to add into this home was an opening under a hall cabinet for a Roomba to pop in and out of. This way it can remain out of sight while it's recharging. It'll leave everyone wondering how your house stays so clean.

To view the entire home, click through the slideshow below.


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