Pantone Color of the Year - 2018

Pantone just announced their annual “Color of the Year” for 2018 to be a surprising hue of purple. More specifically, the shade Ultra Violet. If this is something you like to follow, you may be asking yourself, “how do I incorporate this into my home?”. Here are a few ideas from the designers at Integrity Construction:

Subtle Hints:

A simple way to add touches of this bold color, is with small accents. Add a purple throw or accent pillow to your sofa. Find a decorative candle you like with a purple hue. Throw a dinner party and add some purple name cards to each place-setting. Make it intentional or meaningful in your own unique way!


Luckily, golds and metallics have been a popular accent lately too (and just so happen to pair well with this ultra violet). Find items around your house to pair with your new purple accents.


If you’ve been waiting for purple to be the “in” thing, and you’re ready for a change (or maybe you’re an avid Vikings or Prince fan), go bold! Paint an accent wall. Find your dream purple sofa or rug. Maybe even swap out your backsplash for a hand-painted purple tile.


Whatever you do with this new color of the year, make it your own!

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