Cold Condensation

If you are experiencing condensation on the inside of your windows with these frigid temperatures, you are not alone! When the thermometer sinks low on these extremely cold days, you will likely have condensation no matter what. But here are a few helpful tips from our friends at Pella Windows and Doors to help minimize the amount:

  1. Decrease Humidity:
    • •  Turn down the humidifier on your furnace (if you have one). Furnace humidifiers typically put more moisture in the air than what it says it’s set on.
  2. Increase Airflow:
    • •  Set the fan on your furnace to run constantly
    • •  Turn on your ceiling fans
    • •  If you have screens on the inside of your windows, take them off
    • •  Open or lift your blinds and window coverings

It’s important to remember that condensation in these temperatures is to be expected — but the more you can do to control it, the better!

For more information from Pella about condensation, click here.

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